I can't reject this guy?

Okay so, this guy has been messaging me a lot on Facebook lately. And well he likes me, but I don't like him. He used to go to my school but he moved 2 years ago, anyway he won't leave me alone and he asked if I would date him, and I tried to beat around the bush by saying "I don't know it depends" and ever since he has been acting like we are dating, he says he loves me and that he misses me and he asked if he could kiss me and he wants me to cuddle w/ him. And he asks for pictures of me all the time. And I just say what he would want me to say if I liked him.

I can't reject him, because I feel bad for him he gets rejected a lot, and no one really likes him. And I don't want to hurt his feelings or make him mad, but I am just not attracted to him. I seriously need help here, because I have never been able to reject people, I always feel really badly afterwards. And a lot of guys that are attracted to me have been messaging me on Facebook lately. Can someone help me? How do I reject him? And I also feel bad bc I have been leading him on, since I don't like him. Am I a bad person?

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  • Leading him on was cruel. Hate to say it. Just gotta rip the bandaid off quickly. Say something like "im sorry, but i can't be your girlfriend. Im not attracted to you like that"

  • "I don't know it depends"
    The biggest tease gg he's obsessed over you now, you pretty much said if you play your cards right you can have me


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