Is using kiss emoji a sign of love in comments? guys and girls help me?

I upload pics of her and me and she comments on my instagram profile on comments "i love u".

But she never uploads pics of me and her on her profile and earlier she never used to reply me on comments,...

But yesterday, i commented on one of her pics "happy to see you smiling"..
and she mentioned me and made " a smiley emoji and then a kissing emoji"
she did not say anything.

Is this a clear sign she wants to accept the relation infront of everyone?

  • Making kissing icon is a clear sign she wants everyone to know u are her boyfriend, she really loves you.
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  • Making a smiley icon before kissing icon is doubtful, coz she would have made heart or something not a simple smiley icon. Maybe she was just being nice to u coz u commented on her pic.
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  • Kissing emoji means nothing bro unless she writes i love you, dont overthink.
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  • Option C bro. Sometimes it's just flirting. But if she has never said "I love you" to you, the kissing emoji is nothing.

    • We hookup , and we are in a relationship but im confused

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    • She just mentioned you and gave you a emoticon. It's just her acknowledging that she got your comment that's all.

    • And just 1 more thing, she uploaded her pic in the evening and i commented yesterday evening but she replied me today morning,
      So it took her 15 hours to reply although i knew she was online,
      Is this a clear sign that she was just being nicw?

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  • Why the fuck I had to born in early 90s and be in my mid 20s now?

    I really hate the way people flirt nowdays with emojis and such shit.


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  • Emojis don't mean shit, dont read too much into it

    • So unless she writes i love u and stuff, it doesn't mean anything?

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    • so u still believe that emojis dont mean shit?
      and its actually the words that matter? and also it took her 15 hours to reply me?

    • yes and yes and she has a life of her own ya know. I can be on GAG but forget to reply to a message for DAYS

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  • Some girls use the kissing emoji all over and it doesn't mean anything