Why does he calls me babe several times?

Hello guys,

I've been chatting with a guy for months, and he will visit me for the first time this September in my country. And.. i wonder why he calls me babe, after the 3rd month.

Hehe i know this question sounds unimportant to most of guys. The thing is, i am from indonesia, and i do think that the word "babe" is only said when you're in a relationship. I am not his girlfriend, and when he calls me that, i feel it is.. diagusting, sorry. (i dont know how to make it sound less harsh). I begin feeling that word babe should be special. And he makes it sound cheap.

So i actually also think its a casual call and means nothing for him. If yes, its ok, at least i know, so i can make a new mindset that its just casual call.

Guys, i want to know ur point of view for this question heheh! :p


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  • I have never called my girlfriend babe because it is kinda awkward for me but he might think you're in some sort of relationship but you can easily thrust tell him that you don't wasn't a relationship yet.


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  • I honestly think you're right-- that it's only for casual usage. I reckon the guy here flirts with you, thus using "babe". If you feel offended, you should get him to refrain from addressing you like that.

    If I were you, I'd forget about it.

    Nonetheless, tell the guy that you're disgusted. It seems to be inappropriate addressing you as "babe" even when you're not together. Just my cents 😊