Anyone has any do and dont's for dating?

so i have been dating for about one year and a few months. I've met about 5 guys (not at the same time). i went on dates with all of them but somehow i guess they lose interest and they stop messaging me. i dont direspect myself or them, i dont dress slutty, and i think i am really sweet.
any do's and dont's?


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  • honestly, all we can do is just freestyle since we don't exactly know the personalities of both parties involved. but a few things to keep in mind, be relaxed and confident, don't appear too forward (had a girl ask me when i intend to get married, on the first date), keep conversations light, casual, and funny. If you guys are gonna talk about yourselves, try to table talking about exes till maybe the third date.
    Who said dressing "slutty" was a downside?


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  • If every single guy you have dated has something in common, like they are all douche bags, then you could always stop dating guys with the douche bag trait.


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  • It's kind of complex since we don't have more details. You say they lost intrest but when exactly? Did they not contact you after the date or did the texts not have much context to them like a Facebook message with a friend you don't really want to talk to?



    You ok?

    Yeah You?

    Sure. wuu2?

    Not much you"

    We all wing it on dates. It's why you start with generic topic like music you like or the last film you watched. Nobody has any idea where to start.

  • Show as much interest interest as I do and I'm happy..


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