Girls, How do you feel about a hairy man?

How do you feel about a really really very hairy man having lots lots and lots of hairs all over his body including hairy shoulders, upper arms , neck, upper back?
Will you date him? If he waxes and tries to be normal like you all will you accept him and think about dating this man beast?


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  • If he waxes yes.

    • It won't bother you that this man is not normal, but has to resort to full body waxing to look normal?

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    • K. Have a nice day.

    • Whatever

  • I HATE IT!

  • I'm tired of these questions.
    A girl will notice your face and personality first.
    She'll notice your hair only when you guys make out. By then, she'll look past it. It's not like she'll leave you as soon as you take off clothes lol

    • His super hairy arms and thick chest rug is still visible even when he is all clothed. Chest hair peeking out.

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