Girls, if a guy accepted your physical flaws would you be willing to accept his?

Lets say he prefers girl with big boobs but were willing to look past it because of your personality. And say you prefer guys who are tall with big muscles, would you be able to look past it if he had a great personality.

  • Yes, if he's accepting of my physical flaws I can be accepting of his. Its a 2 way street
    75% (3)
  • No, absolutely not, just because he accepts my physcal flaws doesn't mean I am obligated to accept his. Its not a 2 way street.
    25% (1)
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  • I voted for B because I do believe that I'm not obligated to look past something if I find it unattractive. He's not obligated to do that for me either. If he chooses to do so, good for him, but it doesn't mean that I have to as well. However, yeah, as long as I did find him attractive regardless, I think I'd be able to look past it.