What is wrong with me?

So, I had really big problems with dating in my life.
Here is why:
I tried two ways : social media and real life
1}On social media, there are basically two types of guys:
The "hey sexy, lets have sex"-slutty and "emm.. hi, can we be friends?"-nerdy
well i am not a slut so i do not intend to send nudes to people , but i do admit im not the most innocent out there, but for me the slutty guys are a very big turn off and the nerdy one just get bored after they say how are u?

2) IN real life, IF I LIKE A GUY, I will tell him. IT is probably that he won't like me back.
However if that guy also likes me and tells me that first, then i will just stop liking him.
if that guys hates me , i will still like him. even more and ill just be very annoying.

IF A GUY LIKES ME, I will never date him, because he is just soo easy to get, and it is very boring.

SO the conclusion is, the only way i can actually like someone , witch happened to me before: is first they like me, and then they just ignore me, drive me mad and stuff and start liking me again (wich is not a very possible thing to happened, even though it did ) (love (hated) to hate (loved) to love (loved)
i have to ask the guy out, he has to say no, and i have to be just forcing myself onto him and he somehow likes that and we actually start dating (hate (loved) to love (loved)

SO if anyone can help me with this... CUZ I DONT WANT TO DIE ALONE.


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  • I think their are more than just two types of guys 😂 LOL
    And your case is nothing new tbh like I've heard this type of thing many times and it's fine
    You still have time so just chill and enjoy and be awesome 💁

    • yeah I know there are, didn't mean to offend anyone, but they basically fall into those two categories.

    • No one's gonna offended cause it's fine

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  • You're too young. You will eventually find someone. You have so much time ahead of you.


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  • *gives you a beer* You think too much.

  • die alone.. you are 16... loads of time...


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