And again... a guy bailed on me and started ignoring me?

ok... so I've been seeing this guy for the past couple of weeks, and we actually hit it off. He seemed very interested and I even met his parents (which I found a bit early, but anyways).
He seemed keen on meeting few days ago and so was I (he initiated the contact - which he does most of the times, but so do I). We confirmed to meet in the evening, but he texted me on the same day to postpone it (no specific day etc, and he kind of made the decision without me...).
He gave me a legit reason, but still, dont know if I can believe him or not...
well, I didn't say anything in return, I mean I just said that it was ok, but I didn't offer any dates etc...
(He cancelled, he should have, right?).
Well, one day later, I texted me and asked how he was doing? He hasn't answered, which is very untypical for him... I am sure something is up, but I dont want to bring it up, cause he might be dumping me hahahah

I had the feeling that he was into me and we got on well and had fun. I was the "cool" one, but not too cool - it's just part of my personality. I like to take things slowly. Our communication was quite good before this event, so I am really not sure what to do now... If he is dumping me, he could just have told me right? speaking from experience, I am not going o ask him whats up, cause the guys tend to run in those cases. Our last date was really good and we had a lot of fun. Maybe it was the communication, or lack of communication, or he thinks I am not so into him... I don't know... I just wanted to continue in this pace, but I guess it's over...


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  • question "we got on well and had fun" what does this mean? you guys had sex?

    • yes, so what? it wasn't the first time anyways, and we did other things together as well... why these double standards suddenly? just because girls sleep with someoene early doesn't mean they do it with everyone... right after it happened, we were in touch and he atually asked me if I enjoyed it...

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    • will keep u updated hahaha

    • haha, alright! keep in touch! you can PM me and we can just chat it out over there hehe:)

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  • The same thing recently happened to me. The weekend was coming and I was getting excited to meet up with this guy again, as we'd been talking all that week, and then he started to fade. The last time I'd seen him, we'd had such a great night. I couldn't understand what went wrong. A part of me, however, believes it was truly more his problem than mine. If you want, feel free to reach out to him. Because I think if he wants to get back to you, he won't mind an extra text or call. If he doesn't, then that extra text or call won't hurt you anyway.

    • well he cancelled and asked to reschedule... but as I was disappointed, I was like "meh" and didn't offer any dates in return etc... I felt he should have offered me some new dates, right?

      I texted him a day later, but he ignored it... which is untypical... who knows...

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    • well no, this one did, but then something came up and he had to change plans but still... since I have the same experience as u, I dont really know whether I can believe him or not...

    • :( I'm not sure either. It's hard to understand how a guy can act so excited about you one day, and standoffish the next. But best of luck to you.

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