Why im better in finding women online?

Im okay looking. I take care of my clothes. I take a shower daily. Im freindly and fun to be around. Somehow most of the women i dated or became my best freinds were onlinei went on dateswith them and hang out. However Im having a hard time dating a woman from real life. I dont know why its all ended up with power struggles ego clash or bad. I dont know why. I really would like to be as my freinds meet someone in reality date them maybe fall in love. Why am i a loser?


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  • Ur not a loser.. and in a way i think ur lucky.. because when u finally meet someone to actually go out with it will feel extra special, and its more likely to last. I think when ur ready the right time and person will come..


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  • I don't think that makes you a loser, it just means you would like a chance to prove yourself more before an actual meet an greet. Talking to a person you just met upfront can be intimidating, its understandable.
    Loser starts when you depend solely on electronic communication only.. i believe.
    If online is your thing as a way to establish something first, go for it bro. At least its not like me that actually makes bets lol... i don't win all of them but a good percentage.

  • I do pretty well both fields but tinder provide so many hot options to bone and all u have ti do is swipe right lol but sometimes chicks use 6 month old pics and show up with more chins than hong kong phonebook baha