How bad is it that I usually don't text first?

I've know this guy for a couple of months, we text almost daily, all day, and out of the little while I've know him, I've texted him first maybe 2-3 times. It's not that I'm not interested, the total opposite probably, but texting first really just isn't my thing. I do things to keep the conversation going a lot, and don't give short, uninterested replies, but would this eventually turn the guy off, and should I try texting first more even though I really don't like it?


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  • I think it would show a bit of initiative on your part. Maybe texting first isn't your thing, but I think it'd be a nice change. Having to always text a person first can get old after a while..


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  • Yeah if you feel like it
    I'm the opposite of you though haha
    I text first most of the time

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