Guys, what's the frequency for calling/skype calling your LONG DISTANCE girlfriend/boyfriend?

1) Just curious about the frequency and how much time are you in this LDR?
2) How long for each call?


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  • I don't believe in LDR because it never work out in my own experiences.

    We used to chat on Skype and call each other every other day or so. But life happened and sometime we go week without be able to talk. We usually do it at night after dinner that is when we're both free and we could go on for hours until the late night.

    Anyway , it not enough, physical contact is critical in relationship. We broke up after 3 month. I just date people near me now.

    • I appreciate for your sharing.
      LDR is hard and most people don't think it would work out lol
      I still wanna try my best though @@

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What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on each couple, their needs, their schedules etc.

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