Told guy I was talking to, to go to hell. Kills me inside because I feel horrible. What should I do?

Talked to this guy for 2 months. We didn't date yet, but we texted, facetimed over the course of the months and hung out twice. He told me he liked me then told me he will be busy for next two days. Didn't hear from him in 4 days and I texted him. He replied fast saying he's working and asked how i was. Then he stopped texting for another day. I confronted him saying he's stringing me along and called him a kid. He said I was assuming and irrational. I apologized and told him I still felt he didn't want to get to know me. He blew up on me and told me he didn't want to deal with someone he hardly knew and ignored me for 2 weeks. He came back again saying I hope I understand why he gave space. I apologized and asked him I dont want my time to be wasted. If he wants to be friends or get to know me. He didn't reply for a long time. I already knew the answer and told him its okay just delete my number and not contact me. He replied fast again and said Im unhealthy. I told him im just being a girl and feel insecure and that I like him and find him attractive, dont want to be used. He attacked me again. We argued with LONG messages. Told him lets talk over phone, he said okay. Next day he says he's sick and can't make it to a show (no idea about the show) and can schedule to facetime me in a couple of days. I felt like he was mocking me so I told him he can go to hell. We aruged with LONG messages again and that was it. I felt horrible for telling him to go to hell and jail (he sells weed). Two weeks after I sent him an email apologizing. That I have anger issues but I'm working on myself and he didn't deserve that. It's been months and I still feel horrible. I still think he was playing me regardless of him saying he was "truly" busy. I just had a strong gut feeling also that we wanted different things. How can I cope with this? He will never forgive me. That kills me on the inside. Like he said, we barley knew each other, but I shared deep personal things with him.

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  • you tried to have a relationship and engage in conversation, with time and such and that is normal for a female. perfectly good... he wasn't there.

    you at minimum, and likely both of you need serious counseling prior to dating anyone because that eruption is so immature. It is an opportunity to learn and grow... take it as that. Definitely work on anger issues but also work on dating and personal development so you are more mature, confident, have self esteem, etc.. Please, do not have any offspring for quite a while... they will only suffer...

    Read the book Mars and Venus on a Date as an example. Good grief, if there is any dificulty in communicating by text, then pick up the phone. If you can't get

    • For my own curiousity... my only reference point for that kinda of "fire" is a black woman. are you by chance African american? I'm just curious. if not, where are you from?

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    • I'm not psych major, but I sufferred in a relationship and put a lot into figuring out what went wrong... about 1.5yrs so far, so I know a lot and I get a lot. I don't have all the fancy terms but I understand the condition. Follow me if you like to talk to me. I'll try to help you navigate to help yourself.

      You need to stay away from males for now until you process some of this and understand yourself and why you are doing this and some of what went wrong. It makes sense once you get the right perspective. I have a few people I talk to so don't have a lot of time, but I'll help how I can, that's why I GAG. You can climb above all this.

      Babies are one of those things you don't necessarily plan on... they just want to show up... that's nature. So restrain yourself from males.. you are off the market til this stuff is repaired.

      You really do need counseling, if you have $ to save, invest in your self.

    • thanks for mho!

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  • I don't see why you feel so guilty. As a drug seller I'm sure he's heard worse insults. But I don't think he was serious about you. He sounds like a fuckboy. But since you asked I think you sounded too sensitive. He could have been busy for a while if he was a more normal guy... but if I was you I'd assume there were other girls.

    • I feel guilty because I hate leaving bad blood between me and someone else. I would've rather leave on a good note. My friends said I was a side chick. Even though we weren't dating, he sure argued like he was in a relationship with me.

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    • Yes. They just really really need the attention. I had one send me like twenty pics in the same day and then he refused to respond to me again. I'm glad I helped. I reread and I don't think you dound too sensitive anymore. Those guys know how to push buttons! They just take all your attention and in my experience refuse to really share anything about themselves. But it seems like they care because they focus so much on you. At least you got rid of him. I talked to those guys for months too and I was the one contacting them over and over.

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  • He sells weed? A drug dealer thus.
    Let him go to jail first, to hell later. Don't worry about it, he merits it.
    Just hope you'll never meet him again.

    • Don't forget some addicted girls pay their drugs by offering sex.

    • Really?
      Sigh. That's gross. I hope he isn't like that but yeah, I don't need to be with someone like that. I'm a complete different lifestyle.

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  • I think if that's what ur gut feeling tell you then be confident. Maybe telling him to go to hell was a bit far, if your gonna say anything just apologise for that then leave it there, don't say anymore until you are really ready to be involved with him again.

    • I tried to be involved he walked away from me... I caught him online again after he was ignoring me for 2 weeks. Then he came back to me after like he was punishing me for thinking he was playing me. I tried hard... But he walked away. I apologized via email but I don't know if he ever received it or ever will. I apologized multiple times for assuming and telling him go to hell. i told him twice to leave me alone, but he always came back. After that argument he told me to leave him alone. I told him he's the one that reached out to me. I just wish I can apologize sincerely rather than an email.

    • okay. he is giving you a clear sign what to do, i know its hard because he is persistent but, try and walk away from him and his drama. The more you entertain him the more he will come back, you did apologize multiple times and if that is not good enough then what else are you supposed to do? it all come down to whether you want him to be a part of your life. If so then you really do need have a conversation and try and understand what you both want, also take this time to apologize if you really need to but you have done enough of that recently.

      Dont know if that helps but i wish you luck.

  • Just let it go. Nothing more to do at this point

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