Trying to get a balanced opinion/perspective on dating from both men and women?

Ladies what are some personal tips or things you do to captivate a man when you really like him? And Guys, what appeals to you from a woman? What makes you want to know more about her? What makes you decide whether to take her serious or not...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Manners: Shaking hands, being a good hostess (e. g. introducing people to each other).
    Subtlety: Being keen on cues and respond well to nuances of circumstances/people.
    Respect: Not insulting someone's intelligence
    Loyalty/Romance/Love: (The Romeo and Juliet Kind)


What Girls Said 1

  • Women are vastly, exponentially, hornier than men. A woman will do just about anything, sexually speaking, so long as she is fairly certain she won’t get caught. For example, we will occasionally go out of town in order to rendezvous with a man we’ve been longing to fuck, and/or to have multiple sex partners in the same evening, and/or at the same time.
    This is something that hot women do, most especially. In our minds, it is a natural desire, and a natural thing, and so long as nobody else finds out, it’s “game on”. Women are receptacles for cock, that’s how we have been biologically designed. Nothing feels better to us than being completely filled up with multiple penises, than being the center of sexual attention, than being the object of unbridled group lust. Since it’s something we can’t risk doing on our home turf (don’t shit where you eat), we have to think outside the box, in order to get our boxes completely satisfied. And you might find this shocking, but many women – many, many women – have sex with dogs on a routine basis. This is just one example of how insatiable we truly are.
    I can see why you might not believe it, to which I say, look really hard at all of the women you know who have dogs. Look at women who have dogs whenever you see them out on the street, in the act of walking those dogs. Or at the park. You will notice that most of them have male dogs – the vast majority, in fact. This isn’t a coincidence. And look at all the female teachers who are exposed in the media for having sex with underage students. We have no self-control when it comes to sex – or anything else, for that matter. To our way of thinking, losing control is what makes sex great. Doing anything that is taboo is what makes sex great.