Could his family really like me?

So for memorial day, I went with my boyfriend and his family to the river... We had a blast! But I was the only black person there and it would be like "you're pretty" "I'm jealous of your skin" bc they were trying to tan... Just stuff like black&white. His step brothers kept looking at me & smiling. his step dad does also lol they're all really cool people, but throwing shade about color will really piss me tf off.. I don't know what to think of his family. Yes, you may say I shouldn't worry about it I'm dating him not them.. But Its really hard when they look at me funny😂 we went riding on the four wheeler and allllllll heads were turning I swear 👌 I don't know if they're like wtf is this n** doing here or maybe wow she's cute idkkkkk but it's just really been getng to me :'( maybe I shouldn't worry about it though


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  • As a fellow black American, I truly believe all these "they are looking at me funny" things are all in your head. It does sound like they genuinely like you! :)


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  • No, @eorgiaaaaagirl, Don't... Worry about it though.
    They may not be used to Someone Special in 'My boyfriend's life." I feel they are just trying to get used to the idea, And are making a Huge attempt to Flatter you and Make you and Try and Understand where you Stan And that is They mean no harm.
    I personally Tan in a Salon so I don't have to look White. I love the Sandy color that White doesn't show, And I am proud of it.
    If they didn't want you around here, dear, Believe me, You would Not have Gone to any Memorial Day... My boyfriend would not have had any Say.
    After going to more family gatherings, Everything will be more Cool, Less awkward and Eventually, Second Nature and Real Nice.
    Good luck and You did say We had a Blast. xx

  • sounds like his fam likes you... no worries