Which one would you choose? Why?

Childhood friend
Handsome/ beautiful, beautiful eyes, nice body, smart, very mysterious and well-liked by the opposite sex, bisexual, gentle, she/he likes to compliment you, mysterious. But the chances of them liking you are low since they already have some kind of a crush and you've been kind of friendzoned.

Best friend
Geek, pervy, kind, gentle, treats you like a prince/princess, you're their only close friend, otaku, romantic, chubby. They're already in love with you

Co-worker/ classmate
Tall, beautiful eyes, he/she always tried to find out more things about you, he/she swears a lot and they insult you too, they like hitting you (as teasing), sweet, they know how to turn you on. Has a crush on you.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • If I was single I say non of them by the description you gave each of them.

    Childhood Friend - not going to jeapodize a 20+ year friendship. Being friend zoned by someone says they do not want to be more than friends.

    Best Friend - If I care enough about the person I would stay just best friends since I am their only close friend. How often are they pervy?

    Co-worker/Classmate - Hitting me is not acceptable. On top of that for me if it did not work out then it would be awkward seeing them at work.

    • When I say pervy I mean in it in a teasing way. For example they respect you but they like making sexual jokes all the time and generally over-sexualize situations that they are in. I probably didn't use the right word for it :)

    • @Asker If everything is sexualized to them then no. That tells me what they think about is mainly sex and they may not know when is not the right time to sexualize things.

Most Helpful Girl

  • None of these options

    1. I don't want to date a bisexual
    2. I don't want to date a pervert
    3. Doesn't sound like a good person


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would go after no1. The reason being is while all three have great pros and some cons I wouldn't want to mess with what me and my best friend have. Of course there are stories of best freinds becoming "more" and it working out, but I personally just wouldn't want to ruin that. I have a rule of not dating co-workers, period. Classmate on the other hand is fair game, but no1 has more qualities than no3 that I like (i. e more gentle, caring, nice, but still mysterious which is a great combination).

  • My crush is pretty much like no 1, except we've only known each other almost 2 years. And luckily she never mentions a crush/BF or anything with relationships.


What Girls Said 5

  • Number 2 describes him exactly ❤
    This is sooo spot on 😊

  • 1. No, because bisexual
    2. No, because chubby
    3. No, because an asshole

    But if I HAD to choose, it would be 1.

  • voted b

  • None of the above.

  • no idea what otaku is?

    none of the above.