How to ask a guy on a date?

he's asked me before, but it was quite early on and I wasn't sure what I thought of him then so I declined. It's his birthday soon and I wanted to ask him out on a date, but now what do I even say? hahaha


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  • Haha you can casually invite him to hang out with you if you are feeling shy. Be really sweet and nice about it. You can tell him the reason you declined him last time was because you felt like you should get to know him first. It will show that you are someone who takes things seriously when it comes to dating. You can also tell him that you now think he's a really nice and cool guy. I'm sure he won't even hesitate to go on a date with you if he's interested!

    Good luck :)

  • Go up to him and say "You, me, Saturday (or whatever day). Got it?"


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