It hurts pretty bad?

There was this guy I was in love with for almost two years. Yes, I'm young, I get it. But don't let my age get in the way.

I miss him. I miss him so much he's started coming up in my dreams. He and I were both home schooled, so we went to this once a week school thing together. He's not going next year, which means, I'll never see him again.

I didn't realize I missed him until lately my dreams always surround him. I never told him how I felt, I was too nervous.

Recently, I let him go knowing he did not love me back. My friend said so.

How can I move on?


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  • With Time, For this is the Best from the Rest to Allow you to Lick your War Wounds and to Try... To move on.
    It is not going to be easy at First, @dawnsoaptastesogross, But the More you 'Try" and Occupy your Mind over Matter on Other things in your own Life of Strife, The Less the Pain will be a Gain for you Every day you Open your eyes.
    It took me Seven Long years and many Dates and Mates to Get over my First Love. I always had this Bad habit of Comparing Him to Every Tom, Dick and Harry, And believe it or Not, When I got a Last chance to be with him Again a few weeks before he got Married, It was Suddenly this Closure for Me, because I didn't feel Anything for him Anymore.
    Focus on You, Begin your own Beguine of Being with your Friends and go Slow with any Joe for Awhile as you Learn once Again To... Smile.
    This is your "First Love," I can Tell, And Not.. A Puppy Love.
    Good luck and It does get Easier. xx

    • @dawntastesgross xx

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    • You are so welcome, sweetie.. Tough Love to get over a First Love, there is never really anyone else who will ever compare, although One does try with every guy. If anything, it was better to love and to be loved, than to not ever had ever Known... One Love. xx

    • Thank you so much, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • By forgetting him and moving on with your life one day at a time. This stuff will happen to you again. Its inevitable. Best to block it out and move on.

  • Just focus on something else and move on. I am the same type that can't move past girls and its hard but sometimes it has to be done

  • You should at least have told him. Would get some closure. Humans crave closure

  • Just find someone else cutie
    I can understand how you feel but it's not good to waste your energy on someone who isn't into you so better find someone who cares about you ok?


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