Girls, what do you want more in a guy physical apperance or success?

To stay out of the extremes, lets just say for the sake of argument that in all 3 cases you found the guy at least remotely attractive and he can support himself financially

By physical apperance I mean face, muscles, height, weight, etc
By sucess I mean status, income, education, accomplishments.
Pick one of the three

  • Above average physcal apperance and below average in success
  • Average physical apperance and average in success
  • Below average physical apperance and above average in success
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  • If success just means ambition and making a living then I said average in both. Although I have been single for awhile because I won't settle. I have to be attracted to the guy, whether he is universally attractive or not, and he has to have a job/career or ambitions to begin a career at some point. So both, but he doesn't need to be super hot and/or super successful.

    • I mentioned that even for the case where the guy is below average, you still find him remotely attractive. That is you can look at him and get with him without feeling disgusted. He just doesn't get your motor running to the same degree a guy you find average or very good looking would.
      And for the case where he's below average in success it just means he can barely support himself. Forexample he's working at burger king full time, and living in a one room appartment and thats where his success stagnates.

    • Yeah, I still say average in both. :)

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  • I chose A.

    Looks matter a lot in many situations. If you look good, you feel good. Every person wants to look his/her best. Physical appearance does affect your overall personality.

    • Thats not what I meant. Regardless of whether someone looks their best or not they can be still average or above/below average.
      Would you be ok with an insanely good-looking dude who's uneducated. Imagine bringing a guy home to your parents and telling them your boyfriend works full time at mcdonalds and is not heading anywhere.

  • Oh god.. you made this harder than it should be. I don't care about his income as I would like better to take care for myself and the looks.. it depends, sometimes I'm attracted to guys that other girls would rate below average. It really depends mostly on how you behave. And, I might be old school but respect, loiality and manners are still cool!
    To simplify this, I'd rather choose a guy pleasantly looking.

  • personality and physical appearance. i dont care about his success.

    • If you dont care about success that means you dont care about intelligence, work ethic. Well, to each his own.

  • Wow.

    You're missing the point entirely.

    None of the above.


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