How are german guys like?

Hey, I started talking to a guy through Tinder. He's from Germany. Every single time, I've had to start our conversations but he replies fast (most of the time) and he's very friendly and polite. He uses a lot of smiley faces.

We went out one time to get drinks (he asked) and he was very respectful and friendly as well. He never tried to make a move on me. He only touched my back twice and never made any sexual comments.

I do like him and I'd like to know if he's interested. HELP!


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  • Don't try to focus on the assumption that he is the way he is because he is German. Focus on the fact he is the way he is as his own individual.

    He seems like a well stand up guy. No need to panic here, he seems to have really enjoyed the time spent together and he may potentially be interested in spending more. So keep talking to him and push for a first date, remember, you're allowed to ask him out.


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  • He likes you. He' using emojis, responding to your messages instantly, he's touched you in a very personal spot. Lower back I assume?

    He probably like a woman who initiates conversation.

    Relax and take it slow.