Is having a wing woman a good idea?

I'm just curious from both sides of the spectrum. A few of my female friends want to wing woman for me. I'm just unsure if it's a good idea.

So guys what are your experiences with a wing woman?

Girls do you like to wing woman? Did it help them out?


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  • LOVE IT.

    I don't approach women, I let them come to me. 99% of the time they start up an "innocent" conversation. "I love your dress, shoes, etc. Can I sit next to you?" Then they try to 'casually' ask about my guy friend to get the details.

    It has helped them out and I like meeting new people.
    I get to meet and talk to new women [[ SUPER social, so it's great for me too]]. Then watch my guy friend close the deal.

    Funny enough, I'm still friends with one of these women. Since about October of last year.

    She doesn't ask about my guy friend I set her up with. Nor has she seen him since.

    • Sweet maybe I'll give it a shot

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  • I had a woman who tried to wing for me and it didn't work out good.

    • Be careful, some women will intentionally sabotage another woman's chances if they like you.

      You need someone with experience, who's' done this before. ... OK, if you insist. I'll do it. :P

    • @Smmyskittles yeah girls in my high school cockblock each other. It's hilarious. You'd make a great woman😄

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  • If they are honest and trustworthy then why not lol


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  • wing woman is actually a very good idea. i basically had a wing woman once unintentionally and i had significantly more women interested in me and trying to flirt. you get female approval

  • they are. If they know what they're doing, i think they can be much better than wingmen