How can I make a stupid "girl" get the hint I'm not interested next time I see her?

Last week at night while it was raining I walked into a local Getty Mart. There was some cute Asian girl (yes she was cute and I can't lie about that) behind me and of course I held both of the doors open for her out of courtesy And she thanks me for it. She goes to the register and I go to the ATM and as I walk out I look in the reflection of the glass door to see her turning to look at me walk out. Now I know I'm ugly and have been told this to my face several times by men and women alike and before I walked in there were four fuckboys in the usual sneakers, white tee, and tight ankle hugging pants rolling up in front of the store, at night mind you and then there's ugly me in loose fit black pants, black sneakers, and an orange and blue hoodie underneath a black faux leather jacket. Of course the fuckboys are better looking than me and they're what women want but then again maybe I'm just overreacting and he's just playing with me because she thinks ugly guys have to be nice and get me to think she's interested when she's really not. I don't feel like being played for some bullshit because some stupid bitch gets a kick out of messing with an ugly guy Or maybe she is a stupid bitch with low self esteem she'll take anybody but either way she's a stupid bitch. So next time how do I make her get the point to go fuck with someone else so she can make herself feel sexy and needed by a man only to play him?


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  • Just tell her straight up

  • or she could just think you're hot... my guess is you're a troll though

    • Uh no to the first one and yes but not here. This is me stepping away from that to be serious for a moment, if you could call it that.

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    • Don't you dare tell me that Mercedes is an ugly car, while you drive your crappy Porsche, keep thinking that dude, you are a moron for thinking that Porsche is better than Mercedes.

    • actually I read the whole thing...

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