Which type of crazy horror killer would you least want to be caught by?

I watched horror vids for too long and it inspired this weird question; if you had to chose which horror type crazy person would kill you which would it be? Actually which of the following would you LEAST want to be killed by? The three big cliches;

The guy who you knew was going to eat your body

The guy you knew was going to stuff your body into some kind of trophy to display

The guy who you knew was going to keep your body to molest and to keep on ice to have sex with your body frequently

Those three types of crazy killers pop up a lot in fiction and unfortunately real life they say. So which one is the one you'd least want to taken down by? And why not the others over that? Obviously surviving would be nice but that's not the choice for this question haha please share opinion on which and which not and why!

  • The guy who was going to eat me
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  • The guy who was going to stuff me for display
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  • The guy keeping my body for his own sexual pleasure
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Leave a description of why you wouldn't want the one you chose to have your body over the others.
Opinions are wanted as well.


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  • I want my family to be able to get my body back, to bury. If he's going to eat me they can't do that.

    • True but would you want your family knowing what happened to your body if he had sex with it? Or a 'trophy'version of you?

    • They don't need to know, they just need my body back

    • I see I guess after you're gone you wouldn't feel what they're doing to you anyway.

  • b and c

    • If you had to chose out of those two which would you least want two and why? Like you're running from both but you gonna get caught by one regardless what would you choose?

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    • Loneliness is hell I understand that. I hope you hold out. I hope things get better for us all.

    • Dont worry im not suicidal but ill know when its time. Im pretty level headed when it comes to that.