It just feels "different" with this guy... kinda scared he might be "the one"?

Anyone else feel this way?

On our first date, sitting on the bench, waiting for the fireworks, I just remember thinking, "I could totally see myself marrying this guy." Our attraction and bond has grown every time we've hung out for the last month. I've felt like he was my best friend from the instant we met. I've never had a first kiss that turned in 5 kisses where we're clenching each other's necks and backs, trying to melt into each other.

I totally flipped out when I got home last night from spending the entire day with him and his family. Nothing has felt so right, or so comfortable. I never want to leave when I'm with him because I feel so safe and I've never felt that way about a man.

Anyone ever feel this way? Did it turn out to be "the one" or did it end?


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  • Stick with it girl but just stay on the look out for any red flags.


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  • I'm in the exact same situation right now!!! Sorry this isn't really advice.. but I say keep going for it and find out what happens 😊

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