Should I ask him out?

Let's call him K
K is a year younger than me
We met at a competition but back then I liked someone else (W) who he also met there too
Recently W has been annoying and K has been sweet as usual
K lives far from me though but so did W (both live at least an hour away from me)
Should I ask K out?


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  • Yes you should!

    • Do you think it matters that K is younger than me?
      We get along well and he's super nice haha
      He tells me his embarrassing stories too and is always smiling

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    • I asked him out to get cold brew coffee with me cause he was telling me about it the last time we were together
      He said we could over the summer which is like pretty much here so soon I guess c:
      Thanks for the advice and as promised I updated haha

    • Nice, congrats!

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  • I don't see why you shouldn't.

    • Haha yeah I already did ask him out XD
      At first I was resistant though cause he's 1 year youngr than me and I already got rejected by two guys recently

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    • Oh it wasn't that difficult cause he's the third guy I've ever liked enough to ask out
      Also it helps to have been rejected by two of my guy friends before cause I'm not really afraid of rejection anymore

    • Thank you!

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