How to resolve my feelings with coworker?

I have strong feelings for a coworker that I don't think feels the same way (But I do feel like she does!)

My mind keeps changing: Okay I don't care! I will tell her how I have feelings and get a clear response and maybe some answers to her mixed signals... or I shouldn't tell her, just move on, she is probably not into me, there is no point.

The problem is, I have always been really indirect with her... I indirectly asked her out twice (She changed the subject and didn't really answer)

and I confronted her about something she said once, and she said "we are friends and she didn't mean anything by it lol"

Which obviously is a major red flag...

But I realized, I have never actually told her that I like her, have feelings for her...

Moving on and ignoring her has not helped, will this help? Or will it complicate things?

I could tell her, I have feelings, she might tell me clearly that she doesn't and maybe I might get an answer about her mixed signals...

I think the only chance I would get to ask is on our break, we break together and should have enough privacy... my other option is text, I really don't want to meet outside of work and make it into a big deal

I know I am constantly thinking about her, and I want it to stop, it is because I still have feelings/love her. I am unable to move on.


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  • She more than likely already knows that you like her. She probably does not want to get romantically involved with a coworker. You can still be straight forward with her, but expect that things may get very awkward afterwards if she does not want to get involved with you.


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