What's up with my ex?

My ex and I work together. After 8 months of talking, we hooked up for 2 months straight. Then he created drama, said it was too stressful to date and work together and he ended it. I was frustrated and stopped speaking to him for 3 weeks, although we work together. He was going out of his way trying to talk to me at work (But he wasn't texting me). Anyway, I finally started talking to him again. He's going out of his way to make small talk, but he's acting like we never were together. This is frustrating because how can you erase the past? Anyway, do you think he'll end up hitting on me again? Or is it going to be this polite stranger thing forever? (He's still not texting me, fyi, and I'm not texting him either, since he's the one who broke it off.)


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  • You're too old to be asking something like this. This is going nowhere and it never will and you know it so why are you even asking?

    • Wow, I'm too old? Incredibly rude. And if it was clearly going nowhere I wouldn't ask. You're not here so you can't know the whole story or see the whole interaction. Please don't assume you know everything. Maybe it isn't going anywhere. But if it's that straightforward I wouldn't have asked.

    • Yeah you are too old. I'd expect this question from a late teen to an early twenty something and yes this is going nowhere. You just want someone to tell you what you want to hear instead of the brutal truth

    • That's not true. Again, assuming.

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  • STOP talking to him. I am serious. Just stop.