Sent him a selfie, asked for one but he sent a photo of him and his friends. Is he not interested?

Been out for 6 dates over 2 months. Haven't seen him last week so I sent him a selfie (no duck face or anything suggestive, just a smiling head shot) in an app, as an addition to replying his text.

I playfully asked for one back, told him not to send anything naughty. He hasn't responded to my text but he sent a photo of him and his friends in the app. No words.

Is it his way of saying he is losing interest?


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  • like @paris13 said you specifically told him not to send you anything naughty. He is complying to what you asked for. Now you are complaining about him losing interest.

    He is open to show you who his friends are isn't this a good sign? Women are crazy

    • he text me more to clarify stuff after he realize he missed some of my previous message

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  • I am Not just Yet, With '6 dates over 2 months,' Have seen a guy such as him who Has... Lost Interest. Could be a Helpful Hint of just Responding to Your... Selfie.
    You sent a "Do not send anything Naughty," And with this, Perhaps he was just being "Haughty," By Sending you a Picture Perfect of him and his buds so you get the "Picture" that he will then Keep IT Light and Semi Sweet before your Next Tweet.
    I am feeling here, dear, That this is his own Reason of the Season with him being Hep to 'App' with no Yap to You.
    Stay tuned on when the Next date is, And take it from There with this Care Bear.
    Good luck. xx

    • He did suggest to go out but he didn't give me the time. So I replied to his text, THEN i sent him a selfie on this app.

      He hasn't responded to that text and his photo didn't come with any text.. i don't think I can respond to that?

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    • he text me more to clarify stuff, he realized on his own that he missed some of my previous message

    • Thank you so much, sis, for the Vote of Confidence, and for more Updates. xxoo

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  • Not sure the problem? That it wasn't a selfie? Don't overthink it. Women do this a lot also (pics with their friends included). For a guy to do this especially it very likely means nothing at all. Maybe he was busy at the time and that picture he sent was just handy and quick.

    • Yea he was probably with them so it was just quick and handy to take and pic and sent it. I will wait for his respond to the options I gave him.

      I probablly should have included this above, just didn't want to overwhelm people with info. He did suggest to go out but he didn't give me the time. So I replied to his text giving him options for 2 events this week, one of them included the place he wants to go to but my friends are there. He once invited himself to join me and my friend but my friend bailed, so i didn't think meeting friedns is an issue for him., THEN i sent him a selfie on this app.

  • I think interest was lost before the first selfie...

    • Before the first selfie he told me he wants to see me more in the future...

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    • No you are not being vague at all

    • you are simply missing the point that he did not disappear...

  • maybe he didn't like how he looks at the moment

    • the photo with friend is newly taken. I meant it was taken for me I can tell. it wasn't like they were dressed up at a club

    • then maybe they made him take it that way.

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  • Maybe he looked bad and didn't send you one so sent a better pic

    • He did have very messy hair in the photo

  • Guys are guys lol. I wouldn't overthink it.

    • I have other guys sending me topless pics without me asking for one. That's why I thought he was trying to friendzone me by sendingme fully clothed photo of him and his friends.. I know I asked for SFW selfies but still... that's not a selfie if it's with others!