Is my girlfriend still in love with her ex and using me as a distraction?

Been with this girl for 5 months.
i should have waited she was just 3 weeks out of a 3 year relationship. She always said he was abusive towards her, but a couple of times I've caught her talking to him. We do stay together.

January - Febuaray: they never talked
march: I seen her reaching out to him multiple times. Text and a couple phone calls
april: saw her texting him, she agreed that she'll remove all forms of contact with him to better our relationship
end of may: I log onto my cpu and seen she made a fake fb account just to message her ex

I've talked to her about this and she tells me "I'm her soul mate, she only wants me for the rest of her life and she loves me"

what at do you think? Is she being honest? Or is she hiding something deep down for her ex


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  • Something like that...


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  • She's probably having sex with them too and if she's not she will be


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  • I'd dump her.

  • I am. surprised that your still with her. Mark my words. She is cheating on you.

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