Could use some opinions--- Can you read these messages & tell me if he just isn't interested? Do I need to take a hint?

I've been seeing this guy for a month. We've seen each other quite a few times and have been intimate. We are not exclusive as of now.

A week ago, I messaged him I would be going out of town but would like to go out when I return. He said yes but we needed to plan a day, and said he would tell me his work schedule ASAP. He works 3 jobs, 2 bartending and one as stocking. I know he does work Thursday - Saturday night bartending, and Sunday morning. However, I also know he is willing to sacrifice his sleep to go out during the day if he wants to. Because he does frequently.

i told him I would be back tonight and my schedule for the following days were pretty open but one, and he said "oh that's cool. I'm going out tonight, and then I'll see what I can do because I work Thursday to Sunday"

I feel kinda bleh about this... This past weekend he went out all day Sunday even though he worked a lot (he told me so), and I feel kinda like "he's going out tonight" means he may be out and seeing someone else. I feel like he isn't making any time. do you think I'm expecting too much? What does "going out" even mean?


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  • why would you assume that means he is going out with a girl? he just said he is going out. no one reason not to trust bc y'all just started and not even in a relationship yet and you said he works a lot so he has little time and you knew this before going with him.

    He said he will see, meaning try to make time for you. So now just see if he does. if he keeps doing that, going out and saying he'll try to fit you in and not doing it, a lot of excuses, then i can say he is not trying and not that interested nut now everything seems fine. Just allow him to chase you and keep his word

  • Yeah he doesn't seem interested. If he was, he would nail down a date and time. No matter how busy.

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