My boyfriend is having trouble trusting me because of his ex, how do I help him feel like I love him and won't cheat?

His ex would apparently tell him that she was going out with her girlfriends or with coworkers and whatnot, and was really going out to meet with this other guy she was seeing. The trouble is I really am going out with my fellow students, or with my girl friends, or whatnot. But my boyfriend says he can't stand it when I go out and he always feels like I'm cheating on him. He'd happily spend every night with me and he says he doesn't feel loved because I don't want the same. I love him and we are really compatible, but he can't get past feeling like he's being cheated on because I'm saying the same things his ex would say. How do we get past this?


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  • Takes a little bit more effort and it'll really depend on how open you want to be. You can offer to send him pictures or snapchats of you and your friends whenever you're out, so he knows and can see who you're going out with. Or there's even the option of turning on your Find Your iPhone (assuming you have one) so that he can see where you are wherever you go. But make it clear that this is only to help him get over it, and not something that will be a permanent stick in your relationship in the future (unless you're okay with it).