How can I get my guy friend to notice me as more than a friend without making a fool of myself?

I tried the mysterious thing and bombed, a turn-off for him is being grossly sexy so I can't do that, and I'm scared my winky faces creep him out. I'm new to this and have no idea what to do.


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  • you can try being funny... who doesn't like to laugh?

  • Another post where my "straight men and women cannot be only friends" is true.

    Check out guys... the friendship starts slowly because deeply inside one of them likes the other a little bit more.. or hey it could be vice-versa.

    Now she wants her "guy friend" to notice her more... now she wants her "guy friend" to be more than just friends..

    In fact.. this girl might get even jealous of other girls approaching this "guy friend"

    Seriously.. when are we going to accept that when we ARE FRIENDS with the opposite sex is because we liked them in the first place. seriously...

    • lol everyone keeps denying it not sure why though

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    • As a guy the only things that would stop me from dating a friend is different religiouns, she is not quality or i dont find her attractive (wen i say quality i mean she cheats or something )

    • don't feel bad.. we are all different. there will be plenty of guys who are going to notice you.

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  • Touch him more, wear less clothes around him, tease him, boost his ego/compliment him...
    He will eventually notice you as more than a friend.