What makes a guy not approachable?

At school, I barely get girls' attention, and I think its for one of these reasons.

I'm ugly or average or I'm just not approachable.

And I think it's the second one, because I have had several girls and friends say I'm handsome and cute and whatever.

What makes a guy intimidating or not approachable? by the way I'm shy so I know it's not because I'm cocky or whatever lol


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  • You probably look angry or sad or you look like you simply want to be left alone. That's why they do not approach you.


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  • Start lifting.

    • You think you can give me tips for approaching girls? I've seen your answers and they are real and sincere and I would appreciate your help dude

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    • Lol wtf I can't send a message, I think you have to follow back

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