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My girlfriend has a friend whose boyfriend always talks about all the shit he buys. Every time I meet him, he talks about how he is spending thousands of dollars on something new. Last month it was a new compound bow that was $5,000. Last week he said he is buying an extremely expensive gun that costs around 4,000 dollar then he will put around another $3,000 into it. So I asked him what he does. because he has really expensive cloths, an expensive car and things, and he is still going to school. He got offended, and told me to "shut the fuck up!" I am in medicine, and I somedays I cannot afford basic commodities. So I was just curious. What do you think? My girlfriend got made at me. Was she right to?


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  • If you are in the USA, and the guy is ENOUGH of an asshole -- and if you suspect he's getting the money illegally, and that's the source of the "shut the fuck up" -- then you could always have a heart-to-heart with yr buddies at the IRS.
    They'd be happy to talk to ya. And if the dude *is* concealing illegal income, and they recover it with yr help, you'll even get a cut of it.


    Just sayin.


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  • That's really fishy... Maybe someone died and he got inheritance?

    Stop worrying about where his money comes from.

    She wasn't right to be mad. I wouldn't have gotten mad and would have backed you up.

    If you do something wrong, I'll tell you in private. You shouldn't ever get mad at your SO in front of others. Immature (j/s)

    • I am not worrying about where he gets his money from. Just feels like every time I meet him he needs to tell me how he is buying new expensive things. It is annoying.

    • To quote "Maybe someone died and he got inheritance"

      His money is his only good asset, so he's flaunting it. Hang out with him less often and distance yourself.

  • Why is she needing to talk about what he's buying in the first place?


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  • no she wasn't and she needs to know that having you around people who have it better than you is uncomfortable , like one time about 10 years ago i was with this girl and i always ended up hanging with her friends who had nice rings and fancy shoes you know the whole Beverly hills look. i felt like i was short changing the girl but she didn't seem to have a problem with me seeing how well other girls had it.

    i get she was trying to motivate me to do better for her but it was just so much pressure and in the end i had to break it off because it seemed it was just always getting nice things i could never afford. and it got me wondering what is a girls mind set when she is dating a guy? does she want the finest things in life or the average house by the creek? i wasn't sure and i am still not sure lol.

  • You weren't wrong for asking and they weren't right for getting mad.
    I've been asked that same question, and I find no reason to get mad over it too.

  • He is probably a drug dealer

  • He deals drugs

  • Lol so your girlfriend got mad at you because you were curious of what someone does for a living and he told you to shut the fuck up, I think it's time for a new girlfriend and new people to hang out with.

    • I think people thought i was hinting to him being someone who spends beyond their means. I think he's a loser.

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    • Yea man dump that broad

    • Totally agree with this, not an offensive question. His parents probably buy it for him.

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