I'm about to be an army girlfriend, he's leaving in two months, I need advise, please, I can't stand the fact that he's leaving, it hurts. ?

I'm about to be an army girl friend, or maybe already am, I know what I signed up for when I meet him, he told me even before we started dating. I thought I'll be okay, he's gonna get a start in his life and so am i, and I'm not going to tell him to stay, that's just unfare. It didn't hit me till now, he's leaving and I might not see him again, it hurts so bad to think like that. I want him to be mine. We just turned 18 and I'm not planning on getting married this young, but I kinda want to. I don't know what to think anymore, please help me, it hurts


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  • Reality has set in now, @2016victoria and the bottom line is, you are scared to be alone without the love of your life and afraid to let him go because you are unsure how LDR will end up for both of you.
    I know all about LDR and it takes two to tango and two to tangle and two to make the effort to be team partners.
    Allow Skype and text and talk be your best friend during this. The test of time will determine if this is meant to be.
    Focus on other things during the time he is gone but for Now.. Focus on each other so you both can spend each and every minute talking about the future, and more to look forward to when you are together once more.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank you, that is amazing advise, i will hold on for as long as i possibly can, hopefully for years and years to come.

    • Great, sweetie, and thank you so much for your own Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • I am sorry about that, but you already knew. Be patient and good luck.

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