My boyfriend wears broken glasses. But I really dont care how people will think about him. Am I stupid?

So his glasses cost him around 280 EUR and now his glasses are broken. Its exactly the temple and ear piece which is broken but the lens is good. I sometimes feel he should wear lens which he owns rather than wearing broken glasses especially when he is out with me but if I think sometimes it really does not matter to me. am I stupid for being with such a guy or is it okay? I am from developing country and he is from a super developed country. However our statuses are different in case of money.

  • Yes you are stupid. Go find a decent guy
  • No you are not
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Yay he got his glasses repaired :D


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  • naah, your ok, its nothing weird


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  • Glasses are expensive I know I wear both glasses and contacts and it seems like once you buy a new pair of glasses you break them or sit on them. Something always happens so no broken glasses are ok! Lol


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  • I think he's the stupid one for being with him if you'd consider dumping him over broken glasses

  • if my glass is broken I buy a new one

    • Glasses are okay, the temple handle broke off.