How do men get with ugly women or ones theyre not attracted to?

im confused- i knew a guy who was crazy about me begging to move in with me. He was really crazy though and unstable. I wasn't sure, and he was abusive to me too. One day he did something really bad and other things so i said i didn't want to talk to him. Then, he abused me for a week and moved in with this really ugly fat lady. She's crazy too and psycho. He even said she's controlling him. I did want to see him after, b/c i didn't stop talking to him, and he screwed me over more. He seemed glad he was with the 'crazy fat ugly' woman. I'm really pretty and beautiful and really nice. I said wow u chose ursula over the little mermaid.. wtf? I guess i thought k some guys are into whatever.

afterwards i met a guy- he's not cute to me. Somehow we got involved a little, and he's kind of weird too. I was just getting excited sexually and thinking, crap.. i dont want to get with 'him' im not attracted to him.. then it made me wonder- how can all these guys choose these hideous ugly women over really hot ones... it makes no sense. Heck im a girl and i can't handle a guy who i feel isnt' that attractive.. i was ok at first but its just not that exciting... it's kind of less appealing. But these guys CHOOSE these ugly women. The crazy guy chose the really ugly lady and she's a psycho too..


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  • as a guy who is in this spot a lot. its one of the following reasons,

    - the girl is giving up pussy
    - The Girl is approaching him and act like she wants to be with him. compared to the normal situation of the guy chasing the girl and then getting played/rejected.
    - He can't get girls
    - he's into that type of girl. Looking good doesn't entitle you to all the guys lol

    a lot of girl who i find unattractive throw themselves at me and i have to let them down lightly so im not wasting their time.

    however when i was fat and not in the best shape i "settled" a lot. but now that i improved my self a lot i stopped that.

    • oh ok--that makes sense.. good explanation of it. This guy was chasing me, but also abusing me. The fat lady was chasing him but he also liked her. who really knows.

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  • I suppose I too would actively only date an "uglier" woman.

    • why?

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    • oh ok--that makes sense.. i guess some guys do that

    • Aye. No point trying to date good looking people if one looks bad themselves right?

      Compromise is key.

  • some guys don't have a lot of standards or feel they don't have a lot of options so if they think a girl is interested in them feel they have to try and date her cause there is no one else. some average guys don't think they have any chance with hot women so don't even try


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