Should I ask for another chance after an awkward first date?

Recently, a guy asked me out. I don't know him that well; he used to go to my school, and we met at a dance last year. He is about 4 years older. (I'm 16, he's 20) He is a really nice guy, and a lot of my friends who are still in school know him. We went out a couple days ago. I was really nervous because even though I have had a boyfriend before, this was my first genuine "date." I was really shy around him, and the date was kind of awkward. We went out to eat, and then were going to go to the mall or something, but it was cut short because his mom called to ask for a favor. We talked a bit, and I got to know him a little better, but since the date was cut short we never got over that" awkward stage." I haven't talked to him since then, but I would like to go out with him again, and explain that I am not usually a shy person, It was just the situation and that day I was already on edge because of sh*t that happened at school earlier so my nerves were crazy. Me and my friends are having a party (or a few parties) during spring break. Should I ask him to come, and ask for another chance?


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  • I wouldn't "ask for another chance" per say. Comes across as a little desperate. But definitely invite him to the party. That should get a conversation going and you can casually bring up that you felt you were pretty shy on your date and that you're usually not like that. Keep it light and funny. If he's interested he'll ask you out again. Good luck!

    • Well it turns out the party might not happen. But this Friday, my friends and I are going to the mall, one of them he kind of knows because they used to have a class together. I was thinking of asking him to hangout with us, so it wouldn't exactly be a date; I would be a lot less nervous around my friends and my friend could kind of be the "ice breaker." So we would get to know each other better, without the awkward-ness of an actual planned date. Does this sound like a good idea?

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