What do girls generally mean when they say they adore you, especially if you are not even close?

Now obviously it means she adores me, and I said it back because I do adore her too! but adore can mean different things to different people. So I want to know what adore means to most of you girls, and if this is a good thing in my case. So basically this girl and I know each other through school, sadly we don't see each other often no more, as we no longer have classes together like before, and we don't have many mutual friends if at all that would put us in a group setting. Anyways with school ending soon, it doesn't help lol but we text sometimes, and she knows I like her "a lot". Anyways I was wondering why she would say this to me when we are not even that close, and if she could mean it in more than a friendly way? Because I intend and want her to be my girlfriend one day. But I would think if she didn't want to risk me getting the wrong Idea (That she could like me more than friends too) she wouldn't say it in the first place, but since she she did :) its been puzzling me. As the word "Adore" usually means all of these: "love, like, admire, and respect greatly!" Does she like me too? Thank you!


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  • She adores you as a person. It doesn't necessarily mean she is into you. She might mean it as a friend.


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