Getting over a crush?

So here's the thing: I'm really liking this girl, and sometimes I think she might like me back, but other times I think there's absolutely no reciprocating feelings. (For example, invited her to the movies today, but she said better go on the weekend because she is tired)

So here goes (I'd like your opinion):

I'm thinking about downright asking her: "hey, I've got feelings for you, you seem a nice person and I like hanging out with you, I'd like to know if you feel the same/if you think there is something going on/if you see something more serious for us"

What are your opinions?

Secondly, if she says no, do you think this will help me get closure, and therefore help me get over her? Or do you think I'd be better not telling her anything and trying to move on?


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  • Yeah go for it. I've done something similar and when both guys rejected me I definitely was able to get over then pretty quickly.

    • Yeah I think I'll do that... Do you have any advice on how to tell her? (Like invite her out to do something and then just tell her... hey, I want to tell you something... xxx)

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    • Well now you know for sure how she feels and can move on c:

    • Yeah it's true.. I can move on... and in truth it hurts a little bit... but still.. I'm now sure of her feelings and can move on :)

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  • I think you should tell her, thats really bold and i think she will appreciate that, regardless of the outcome of her feelings

  • My crush told me he didn't want to date anyone right now, then he texted me later, then stopped. So now I still don't have closure, and I'm still basically a mess over him.


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  • Honestly tell her how you feel, it's better to get some closure and either find out how she feels or move on. Best of luck.

    • Thanks... I'll do it... I just always seem to wait for the "right" time to do it... I guess there is no "right" moment... I'll just tell her the next time I see her and we're alone

    • Great answer I agree

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