Is he done with me or has the honeymoon phase just worn off?

I can't tell 😩 I can't really give specific details but what should I be watching for? I'm worried my mind is playing tricks on me & I'm overanalyzng everything.

He's starting less conversations, talking less when we're together, not looking at me as much, not saying all the sweet things he used to, ending dates earlier etc.


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  • yeah without specific details we are not gonna be able to help you.


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  • Hmm I think it's okay if it wears off, but important to keep the relationship intact, and fun. You may be over analyzing everything, just because you don't feel the exact same way when you first starting dating doesn't mean its nearly over, just means you're more comfortable. Unless you feel like something is way off, I wouldn't worry about it.


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  • If he's had sex with you already

    If he's young
    If he doesn't have much to talk about other than sex

    Answer is yes


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  • How long have you been together?

    • Almost a year

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    • @anonman32 "honeymoon phase" is when you first start dating and everything is perfect and you're just so happy to be in love

    • the terms people invent...

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