How long should I wait?

Okay so i have been talking to this guy for over 2 months and he is amazing we recently had to do the whole long distance thing but i come back in August anyways.. he told me he is not going anywhere and i am his nothing to worry about.. but also has not been in a relationship for a few years and how he's never waited for a girl before he's used to it just being him and can't wait for me to get back. So it's been almost a week and no response to me we text every day not saying i need that but checking in is nice.. he also is a semi truck driver so i know he gets busy and tired when do i hit him up without being annoying.


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  • I would wait a few more days then I would hit him up again. Im assuming he is tired and his job could be draining him.


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  • I don't think he was being serious when he told you those things.

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