LONG ONE.. High school Ex asked me out on a date?

He was a couple of years older than me and I was a Junior in high school, we didn't even last a year. My “break up” is what I would called abandoned. He blamed me for cheating which I didn’t to cover up him liking another girl immediately after. When he blamed me, I didn’t talk to him after and he didn’t either. A few months later I started the convo when I was a senior and he started asking to see me, he cheated with me on the girl he started talking to. For a good 2-3 years after I kept in contact and even a few physical contacts (i didn’t know everything he had done (I didn't think to snoop at that age) (when I did find out the truth years later of the cause of him leaving me, as well as knowing he was talking to someone new I broke all things off pretty much and was ignoring him.

He has always been the type to contact me every few months (2 or 3 times a year). The last few good times, he has said on one occasion, I’m not trying to get with you… (I replied of course aren’t you in love with someone (as he posts to Facebook). He never said yes or no and we left it at that. He says I just wanted to be a friend.

The next… he did what he always do, try to force me to talk, facetime, begs to send pictures (he loves pictures), and then sends me a photo of himself which I never wanted and can find online if I did. He asks why I haven’t settled down (I’m in college) he asks when am I going to get a man, I basically had to tell him sarcastically why and that I like just dating. And he asks about my relationships. He asks to see me I say no and we have a whole conversation about that. He mentions of have I seen that he hasn’t let go of me (when I think getting into relationships like it isn’t nothing is letting go).

Recently he started this random conversation about his arm having trouble from his accident and his family problems (that is all he basically said) so I tried to show care but since he didn’t say much when I asked, I didn’t either. It was only to move onto asking what I was doing this weekend (which is code for I will be in the area). I said I’m going out of the states. He asks about who I’m going with and if it’s a guy and if we are close…. This guy is predictable… He asks again can he see me (
(I say no), and asks if I hate him, and says he wants to see his old love (but there are plenty of old loves) why me? (I’m defiantly not his type, as I can see now and he plays with me which I have to correct him or ignore him if he does). He asks did he break my heart or let me down… this is the first time I ever brought up what he done and he denies flirting with a female while dating me, the one he ended up with when I still was in High school not the current. I had to tell him this is what


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  • he sounds kind of clingy and incapable of letting go. But if you like him go for him, but if you don't i would just ask him to cut all contact with you, and leave you alone.


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  • once a cheater , always a cheater.
    He seems desperate , So don't date him dear.
    i am sure that you are aware of this fact too.
    1. May be , his past relationships were failure. Your relationship with him was only successful relationship he ever had. So , he might have thought that you are only one , he can be with. So he asked you out/
    2. He saw you single , so he asked you out.

    Anyways he is desperate.

  • He sounds irresponsible and random, I'd cut all ties with him if I were you.