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I've been on a couple of dates with this girl, we get on great when we're together talking and never run out of things to say. I ended up walking her home after the second date, because she doesn't live in that nice an area and I wanted to make sure she got home safely, and when I dropped her off we kissed and she asked if I'd like to do this again, I said I would and she said to text her because she didn't really know her schedule. I texted her the next day (today), saying I had a great time and asking her a question. But she hasn't replied and it's coming up for 4-4.5 hours, she's normally quite quick at responding, so I'm wondering does this mean she's not interested and is trying to just blank me, or should I send her another message?

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I sort of feel like just asking her if she want to meet up again or just check if she doesn't want to continue seeing each other. Because I would rather have closure.


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  • Remember, there are other things going on in other ppl's lives so sometimes it may take a few hours or more until you get a reply. It doesn't mean anything is wrong. I know you want the fast response all the time but you dont know what is going to why she hasn't responded yet.

    SO be patient. dont text no more altho the urge is strong. You dont want to seem too needy but sending too many texts and esp asking why you not hearing from her. that can turn anyone off.

    Nothing is wrong. its just the next day. Dont expect anything or you will be disappointed. Now if its 2 days or more and nothing, then i would worry.

    • If it was just normal conversation I wouldn't be so worried, but it's the first message after our second date, so I don't know how she thought it went or if she's into me or anything, so it's just worrying having her not reply, as it makes me think she didn't have as good a time as me.

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    • smh i told you not to do that. you dont sound confident in yourself. Your asking for advise and we are giving it to you and you dont use it. That is a turn off hun to a lot of people so i dont know if that's the case for her. But never ask if a girl likes you after a date esp of you already assumed some things already. Stop it.

      Women like men who are confident in themselves and you sound insecure asking her did you do this and sorry about that and do you like me? That could have turned her away and if you keep doing this, she will be gone. so just chill. She will contact you if she is really interested.

    • The thing is we're both going away for the summer and I wanted to know if she was interested at all. We're unlikely to meet up again before I leave on Wednesday, so It's not like I could say do you want to meet up and if she said no, I would know. I know I may come off really bad, but I would rather know than just have to assume, she's said she doesn't really know, as we don't really know each other and she's a reserved person anyway, and that's sort of how I feel too, so at least now I know. It doesn't actually matter, because I feel like in 3 months, it's unlikely that we'll meet up again.

  • Waaaait ! Chill & wait ! :D

    • I know, but I want to see her again and we don't have that much time before we both go home from uni. But I just think it's too long to just be she's busy with something, she must have seen it and ignored it. Sorry if I seem to be overreacting, but this seems to happen anytime I like someone.

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    • no. don't call her

    • First of all You have to respect Yourself more than anyone else. Be proud of who You are. I know You like Her but You have to be OK with the possibility that it won't work out. Need to be ready to walk forward and not looking back. And for the kiss if She didn't want it She should have told You so. If not there's nothing to apologie for.
      With that said in my opinion You should call Her ( cause You want to know what's going on so why not? ) You'll know why didn't she reply and You'll know if She's still interested or if You'll wasting Your time now worrying about all of this.
      Just call her and say You wanted to check if everything's ok cause She didn't reply yesterday or whenever that was. Sure ask about Her cold and did she have fun last time, if yes maybe you should do it again.

      I think calling is better than texting cause You'll know if she want's to talk or she don't. You'll know on what You're standing.

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