Couple not walking together?

I know this couple (we're all coworkers) and every time I see them walking together out and about, or at work, they don't walk or sit or stand together except in line at starbucks. I think I've seen them walking "together" once. Usually they're at least 5-10 feet apart.
She walks, he kind of trails after, either commenting to her or doing stuff on his phone or similar. And he's a fast walker + good conversationalist - he ran to catch up to me once and walked right next to me and talked the whole time, no phone.
What would you read from their behavior? Even at events I rarely see them standing near each other. They live together by the way.


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  • She's shopping for someone better, all righty

    • Why act sort of jealous of me then?

    • 1. there's a type of "badger" that is noted for destroying its leftovers, so others can't partake
      2. the lowest form of "love" is feinting "love" while feathering a new nest, shopping for others, the fallout planned is that (in this case) she remains insulated and comfy moving from one nest to another, while he is outcast into the streets, blindsided by the ambush... he must remain under her control, not distracted by invaders until she lights the bomb

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  • I can see this at work if they work together. But any other time to me seems like an unhealthy relationship.

    • This is usually when they're coming back from lunch or getting coffee together in the morning or similar.

    • Unless the came back from a quickie and trying to hide it some how. Maybe they argue a lot and they get frustrated with each other

  • Weird. Doesn't sound healthy.

    • That's what I thought. And I only noticed it because it's a pretty noticeable gap sometimes and he makes no effort to speed up and no I don't think he's staring at her behind, he just sort of walks normally, she seems to be the one speeding ahead and he kind of does whatever. "Trailing after her" really is the best description I can think of.

    • My personal guess is it's the end of the road for their relationship.

    • Same guy and I'm pretty sure you've advised me on him before - see in particular the discussion with coolbreeze:

      The thing is I basically told him I was fine with just being friendly instead of catching up since he seemed... defensively avoidant, but then the other morning in starbucks he went out of his way to say hi while his girlfriend stayed on the other side of the room with a tight "hi random acquaintance" smile. (She's also my coworker which I didn't know at first.) then he responded in great detail (not flirting but interested in the subject) to my writing blog I had shared with him/asked for feedback on - and by detail I mean 2/3 of the computer screen.

      I'm just really confused.

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