Getting her back?

Hi all,

I had been seeing this girl only for a month. Things were going great, we were having a lot of fun and talking about future dates. However this past weekend she said she thought we should be friend cause we hadn't kissed (we had held hands and cuddled, kisses had just been pecks) or anything and felt something was missing. I told her I really liked her and was sad to hear this but understood how she felt.

I really liked her and am now kickin myself for not getting more physical but I hadn't wanted to push things too fast cause I liked her so much.

Do you guys think there is any point in trying again with her? My thoughts is to leave her for a month or 2 then drop her a message to get chatting again and see where it goes? Thoughts?


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  • maybe give her some space for now.

    Not a month, thats waay long but try 2-3 weeks and during this time dont talk frequently.

    Then when she starts to miss etc, ask her if you can hang out. You were doing a good thing by not pushing but she seems like the pushy type.

    • Yeah I'm pretty sure everything would have still been good if I had just made a move sooner. I Will give her some space and hopefully she will miss me enough to give things another shot, got nothing to lose at this point. Thanks

    • all the best

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  • Well take it as a lesson learned if you don't hear back. Gotta take charge man, lead every situation in life to where you want it to end up. Good luck mate✌

    • Yeah I can't believe I've messed up such a good thing my holding back. Lesson learned, just hoping u can fix this now. Thanks dude.