Girls, how long would you wait for a guy you know that likes you to ask you out before you got over him, and would you ever make the first move?

So I like this girl "a lot" and she knows it too! I told her, and I always tell her how beautiful she is, and I send her goodnight text sometimes too etc... Anyways we are not really friends, and we rarely see each other... But like I kinda suggested before we text sometimes, and its been like that for a couple month now. She thinks I'm a great person (told me) and recently she suprisingly said she "adores me", and I said it back too! I have suspected her of liking me at least a little before, but now it might be so even more. So what do you think, and how long would you/ think she would wait for me to ask her out bcs I'm shy like that? Thank you!


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  • Meh, as a woman I wouldn't wait too long. Just because I don't like wasting my time. I say make a move if she hasn't yet.


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