Do you think it's weird for a 25 year old guy to ONLY date women 35yo+?

I recently turned 25 and I now refuse to date a woman under the age of 35. Women any younger just don't do it for me. Younger women are superficial, expect guys to shower them with gifts, and don't have the crazy sex drive that older women have. I need an older woman with a crazy sex drive, who actually LIKES you have a person, and not an ATM.

Do you think it's weird for a guy my age to ONLY date women that old?


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  • Nope. You like what you like and there's nothing wrong with that.

    • Right, and I have good reasons. My parents are actually MAD at me for this.

    • My parents are mad at me for liking/dating older men. I'm currently dating someone 10 years older than me and they do NOT like it at all. But I can't stand the guys in my town in my age group. They act like their 15 and that's not for me. I also want someone who has their life together and knows what they want in life, because I do and I'm not picking up anyone's slack. (Been there, done that.)

      Parents will never be satisfied with our choices, lol.

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  • good luck finding women who like younger men. most women want older men

    • The only women who like older men are young women, and that's because older men have more money.

      With women in their late 30's, many of them are cougars who like young men.

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  • It's uncommon, but y'all are adults, shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks. You do you.
    You're making dumb generalizations about younger girls though. I can assure you there are a lot of younger girls who don't fit that little description of yours. Sounds like someone hurt you.

  • Yes, but only because you have the notion that younger women are superficial.

    • It's not just a notion, it's a fact.

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    • Did you read what you sent to me?
      "Of course, it is still only a tiny percentage of women that would dream of behaving like this;"

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