Is he a fuckboy? I am so confused. Please help me figure out what to do. Should I give up?

So I haven't met this guy yet, but we have skyped and talked on the phone for hours, usually over 2 hours at a time. Total talk time is probably over 15 hours.

I met him on tinder, so I wasn't expecting much but as soon as we started talking to each other via phone and Skype, I knew that I liked him A LOT.

Our first date is going to be in a little over a week but we have talked for a few weeks and haven't met up (because we are 70 miles apart).

For our first date, he already wants to spend the entire day with me and then asked me if I would stay in a hotel room with him at night (due to distance really). Which seems sketch as hell, but I like him a lot and he asked me if I would prefer 2 beds or 1 bed?

It seems like he has been super honest with me because when I asked him, he told me he has slept with over 10 different women this month since his break up with his last ex (1 month ago). He still sleeps with 2 of them every other day and says he will break it off for me if things get serious.

I have asked him what the hell makes me any different than someone he just wants to sleep with and he says that I "speak to him" in a way that makes him want friendship, dating and a relationship. Like I am something special he has not experienced before. (eyeroll)

I do NOT want to sleep with him on the first date because I am not like that and I want to see what happens (to see if he is a fuckboy) but do you think he already sounds like one?

He has been very nice to me and I have literally never had so much in common with a guy (except not the sleeping around part) so that is why I am willing to meet him. Do you think he is just another jerk?

yes, to clarify, I was NOT looking for a serious relationship while on tinder. I was just "swiping" and he started talking to me.
yo. does it make a difference that I am really not hot at all.

people think I'm "cute" not something a fuckboy would be interested in, you know?


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  • You use Tinder to find a relationship? HAHA! Tinder is for hooking up and/or feeding your ego through male attention.

    • I was not looking for a relationship. we just started talking on there and things just happened. I don't know, weird right?

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    • Truth hurts. Must of hit a nerve. So my assumption must be close enough. Fucking girls is easy. Getting them to fuck off after you fuck them is the challenge.

    • you make 6 figs? What's your occupation out of curiosity?

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  • He is one!! All the red flags are right there in front of you. The writing is on the wall for you to see. I'd recommend ditching him before he ditches you... if you have to ask this on GirlsAskGuys, it probably means you already know deep down inside that he's a fuckboy but you're hoping that someone on here will disprove that for you because you really want to believe he's not one.

    • ah yes. I am in denial. hahahaha
      fucking fuckboys.

  • another girl is about to get fucked by a fuckboy. lol... they always get the good ones! lol 10 girls in one month. lmao...

    You sure found a good one. enjoy!


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  • Honestly, you should run away, fast. That guy might be honest but that doesn't make him a good person. If he's on tinder he's not looking to literally sleep in that one bed I the hotel room, just saying

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