Am I in the wrong here?

Ok a little background.
-My girlfriend and I work at the same office.
-I got up at 5am, got to office at 7am (yes, it's a 2 hour trip daily due to traffic jams, without traffic, it can be reached within 30mins.).
-I went out of office to meet several friends, one of whom just got back overseas and is staying for a week only. My girlfriend knows. *She told me to enjoy and just tell her how it went later.* Ok cool.
-The meeting place was a 1.5 hour drive from where our office is.
-The gang got complete at around 7pm
-We went to the place where we will have dinner. Since it's dinner time, the place was full and we're on a queue.
-We got a table at around 8:30pm.
-I was able to catch a bus at around 10:30pm, travel time takes a lot faster those times since there is no traffic.
-I was at home around 11:30.

This is what happened.
So I texted her I was home, we had a few chats and she told me that she's going to wash her face and head for bed.
I told her to text me before going to bed, we have a routine that either one will call before going to sleep.
So I called her, talked for a few, but I was tired already. It's 12:30, I woke up 5am from the day before.
I told her that I would share with her how the dinner went tomorrow.

She-got-pissed. As for me, I am not in the mood to argue, told her sorry and bid goodnight for the morning. Yes, morning.

Come today, she's all pissed still, said that I could've shared what happened via text between the time I got home and the time we sleep.

I told her no, I would not want to share it via text. I wanted to talk about it with her, it felt much closer and intimate together, it's just I've had a long day, and I am tired that night.

Up until now, she's pissed. Am I on the wrong? I know she asked me to tell how it went, but since circumstances have changed, I got home later than expected, the travel was tiring than expected, couldn't she wait the next day for it?

If you think something is missing, feel free to ask.

Any others, especially girls who want to share their opinions on the matter?


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  • I honestly think you did nothing wrong. She should have understood the circumstance and its not like you weren't going to tell her. You were just tired and had to be up early the next day. You wanted to tell her how your day was face to face or on the phone which is sweet I think. But again she should have been more considerate.


What Guys Said 2

  • I think what you did is fine and how she reacted is wrong. Sure, she wants to know how your event went and all and shemay be excited... and she's a female and she's emotional. But who is gonna put up with that crap over 20 years being married? She was really being needy and demanding and insensitive to your situation. People don't have a right to react like that in my book... and in a healthy realtionship... I would think you'd end it on a positive note to talk in the morning.
    RED FLAG in the relationship...

    • I'll be honest. Even though I am a guy, I'm quite hurt over the fact that I felt that I don't have the right to be tired.

      I felt like it's not taken into consideration how I felt. She's excited, I am excited. I wanted to share what happens in my life especially if she's not around. I won't do that via text. I would want to either call her or talk to her in person.

    • This is a small example of why relationships fail. There is a concept called "boundaries"... and she just trampled one of yours. Then you "felt"bad... like someone assualted you or crossed into your space without permission. This kinda thing if allowed to go without discussion/resolution or continue would obliterate your relationship to where it is emotionally void. It is a great learning lesson, so get as much as you can, and talk to her about how you felt. You're gonna find junk on her side. How you felt is normal to me (for a guy) and I've seen more than one guy scurry into his turttle shell and hide from the female because of endless stuff like this.

  • You gotta wake at 5am... if she knows that, and you said you will tell her, just not then, and she still got pissed... screw her.
    In this case, now i wouldn't tell her jack shit, she gets a cool off period and when she comes back to her senses, she can hear about dinner.

    • She knows.
      I always text her when I wake up - plus it's my regular schedule.

    • My opinion still stands... she wants to be selfish.. she can take a few days and walk it off. you don't have the time to deal with all that.