I need help! WHAT DO I DO?

So brief summary of the story is I asked this girl how she would feel if we were to go out sometime. Ultimately, she said she is just getting off of her last guy that she broke up with and can only be "friends for right now".
My question is what to do next. I thought that common sense-she knows I'm interested in her so if she decides she wants to go out with me and see where it goes SHE will text me and initiate the date.
My other thought is-maybe she wants me to ask her out again and see if I like her that much and if I'm willing to take the risk. Does she just want me to man up and go the traditional way where guys initiate the date?
NOTE: I have seen lots of signs of interest in the past and would flirt with her quite often so honestly I'm kinda confused overall with what's going on (some people told me that she just needs some time to think especially after breaking up with some other guy recently)

we are both going to be juniors in highschool next year


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  • hmm... i would just be a friend right now to her, and a good one. She probably is oging through a lot after a break up. If you're there for her during her worst time, then you could probably get her to stay with you and go out on a date.

    • thanks, let's hope this turns out good! Nature is in my side

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    • thanks np, were you the one asking about love vs parents? The name is anonymous so I don't know

      ((if so why did you ask if I'm 19...)

    • bc... you're young right now.. only 19 so you will say may be love... but most guys are saying parents, and esp if you grow old... you're going to say parents. I don't know...
      i don't understand why guys would lose their relationship if their parents can't accept her, and why they would promise so much if it was meant to be broken by someone else's opinion.

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  • Do both: ask again and if she says no again then wait. That's my suggestion anyways but, having never been in a relationship before, I may not be a credible source of advice on dating/relationships.

    • Lol thanks, I have never dated anyone before either so this is really hard for me too. Appreciate the advice though

    • You're welcome. And I wanted to add that if she says no then wait a certain amount of time: 1 month, 4 months, a year, whatever you find suitable just don't wait forever. You would have to move on at some point. That's what I would do, or try to do anyways.